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Innovation Award 2023
InsureTech P&C

Power flood defence with physics-savvy AI.

Join us as we bring groundbreaking intelligence into the complex world of flood risk management and redefine the possibilities for a safer, more resilient future!

To achieve this, a new science had to be invented... and we did invent one!

Technology that is a paradigm shift in science.

REOR20 developed an advanced AI algorithm that understands the physics of flood, providing unprecedented level of risk intelligence.

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Our technology brings a wealth of new possibilities to understanding flood, unattainable until now!

The missing pieces in flood risk understanding.

Climate change and urban expansion are leading to more frequent and severe flooding across the globe. Effective risk management requires deep and accurate understanding.

Technological advancements can be impressive, but do they truly enhance businessYes they do! 

How to use REOR20

We start from flood risk understanding, underwriting and mitigation and we make the uninsurable, insurable!

It is not a coincidence that we've managed to imagine and build the right solution. Our secret is the team!

Who are we and why
we can do it.

The right mix of people with the right mindset and a great culture.
We continue building a great story and a safer planet!

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